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If your SSD has stopped working and you cannot access the data, the best thing to do is to turn it off to prevent further damage. SSD drives may fail due to many reasons (the most common causes are listed above).


We can help you with ANY brand of SSD.


We are India's fast growing Data Recovery Company. We use specialised professional hardware and software to either temporarily repair the SSD to extract the data or if needed, remove all of the memory chips, copy the data from each memory chip and extract the data using specialised hardware, adapters, readers and software. We have the capability to help you with your faulty SSD.


The time required to recover data from a Solid State Drive may take 3-4 days up to several months for very difficult cases. The average amount of time is 5-10 days and for more difficult cases, the average is 2-4 weeks on average weeks. Instead of giving up - our team will research a new solution to help you if required and it may take much longer for difficult cases.


If you would like a free quote within 24 hours, you will need to let us examine your SSD to confirm the problem and offer you a confirmed quote before we begin our work. We offer several SSD data recovery services.

SSDs with hardware data encryption (e.g Sandforce) - Yes we can help!


We are one of only a few companies in the WORLD that can recover data from SSDs with built in hardware encryption! Especially ones with a Sandforce controller.


Examples of the most common ones we see fail are OCZ Agility/Vertex/Vector, Intel 320 and 520 (being detected as 8mb) , Samsung 840 Pro and PM830, Corsair, Kingston, Toshiba, SSDs from Apple Mac computers and any other brands.


This service may take 2-4 weeks on average. Each case is different. There is an estimated 90% success rate. We cannot guarantee that your data will be able to be recovered for any case. We must attempt the recovery to see what the outcome will be.


Note: Your SSDs warranty will be void and the parts will NOT be returned as it will be destroyed in the process of recovering the data.


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