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RAID 5 Common Failures



















If your RAID 5 is recoverable, we will recover it.

We use the most advanced equipment, techniques and tools to assists in our RAID 5 recovery efforts so we can make sure we get your data back as quickly as possible. We specialize in RAID 5 data recovery from all types of media storage brands and devices, file systems, operating systems and failure types. We also specialize in recovering all data types no matter how proprietary from RAID 5 boxes.


How Can a RAID 5 Server Fail ?


Multiple Drive Failure: The most common RAID 5 failures we see are from two hard drives failing consecutively. The truth is they don't usually fail at the same time. One drive usually fails first going unnoticed until a second drive fails. If one drive fails and goes unnoticed, its called a stale drive because it contains outdated information, sometimes a second drive fails during the rebuild of the newly replaced drive. This means one drive has stale data and the other one has current data.


Its absolutely critical that the drive that failed first does not become included back into the array. If the stale drive is used to rebuild the array, it will corrupt all your data leaving it useless.


RAID Controller Failure: RAID 5 controllers fail just like any other electronic device. These failures can take place at anytime leaving you scrambling to recover your data. When a RAID controller fails, it can result in a lost RAID configuration, false positive drive failures and more.

Hardware Failure: Just like another computer, RAID 5 servers are prone to hardware malfunction. This can be caused by an electrical surge, excessive heat or age.


What to Do When Your RAID 5 Fails:


If your RAID 5 goes down and you lose access to your data, we highly recommend you turn your machine off and do not continue any recovery, restore or rebuild attempts yourself. It is extremely common for companies to put pressure on their IT guy to restore their data so they can start running again quickly. This is where we see data lost companies go out of business and IT guys fired. We don't want that to happen to you.

We see many cases every month where IT guys destroy any chance of recovery because they attempted to recover, rebuild or restore their RAID 5 data themselves.

Because of the complexity of the way data is striped across the array and the variety of different RAID 5 configurations that exist, its critical that the RAID 5 data recovery is completed by one of File Savers experienced and specialized RAID engineers.





















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