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Correctly packaging your media or device is a critical part of ensuring your data will be properly recovered. If you have any questions about packaging your device that are not answered here, we invite you to contact us here. Otherwise, please consider these tips:


If possible, remove the media from your computer; get expert help if you find you cannot remove it yourself.

Be sure to bubble wrap any hard drive, tape, floppy, Jaz, ZIP, optical, flashcard, or microdrive you send us. Remember: this equipment is usually very sensitive to shock and other damage. Never be afraid to "overpackage" your media.


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), which is often called "static electricity", is the shock we receive after walking across a carpet. However, in a technical environment, ESD can gravely harm your media or data devices. What this means is either sudden catastrophic failure, or latent failure in which gradual degradation occurs over time, causing an eventual failure.


To Avoid ESD:


Before moving your computer, hard drive or other component, discharge any personal static electricity build up by touching a grounded metal object, such as a plugged-in computer chassis.

Secondly, handle a hard disk drive delicately, and pick it up by the sides. Try not to touch the top or bottom of the drive if possible.

If you have the original packaging for your hard drive, ship it to us in that original packaging.


If you don't have the original packaging for your hard drive, simply follow these directions:


1. Wrap media in an anti static bag or similar material.


2. Use a box at least twice the size of the media or device, so that the media can be suspended in the middle of the package. As an example, we recommend a minimum of two inches of insulation around a two pound drive.


3. Pack securely with foam, bubble wrap, or crumpled-up newspaper so the device will not move from the middle of the box.


4. Proper packaging is even more critical if you are sending a computer, laptop or PDA device. Proper protection and cushioning is not only essential for the protection of the data, but for the device itself. Consider using at least six inches of insulation for such devices, with more insulation required for heavier weights.


When you send us your media or drive, ensure you clearly label your package as FRAGILE, and don't forget to include the completed and signed request form.


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