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Frequently Asked Questions ?

1) What should I do if I just lost my data?

The most important thing to do is to stop using the damaged media. If the damaged item is a hard disk continuing to use it can lead to more severe damage from the heads scraping the platters, this can make the recovery process very hard if not possible at all. Bring it in to us, where we can take a look and provide you with an exact evaluation prior to any work being carried

2) Why should I not try a self recovery ?

The chance of a self recovery on any modern hard drive is a very slim chance of success. In fact attempting these self recoveries can in certain cases lead to more damage being caused, resulting in a more complicated recovery process. This is due to the fact that these devices are built to extremely strict and tolerant process and special equipment and knowledge is required to work on these devices.

3) How do you charge for data recovery ?

At Cromac Data Recovery we provide a free evaluation once we have received and assessed the job. You are under no obligation to proceed with the recovery and are welcome to take the job back if you do not wish to proceed. We quote each job on an individual basis as opposed to one price fits all, which keeps the price a lot fairer to you.

4) How do you return the recovered files to me?

Depending on the amount of data recovered we will either return the data to you on DVD's or an external hard drive. You are free to provide your own hard drive or we can supply you with a new drive. If you require a small amount of files urgently to continue work we can make these available to you for download.

5) How long will it take to recover my data?

This depends on exactly what needs to be done to recover the data. We provide a free evaluation within a day of the job arriving at our laboratory. Once we have assessed the drive we will give you a time frame. Most of our recoveries can be completed within a couple of days.

6) Do you have an emergency service?

Yes  we do, we provide an emergency service where we will dedicate all our time to getting your job completed in as little time as possible. Please note that this will incur an extra fee.

7) Why do you need a Class 100 Clean Room to recover data ?

A class 100 Clean Room is required for all hard drives that need to have work carried out internally, such as damaged heads or damaged bearings or other internal damage. A Class 100 Clean Room is a dust free environment. This is required to keep the hard drive internals completely clean and free from dust when reassembled. A dust particle is larger than the operational gap of the heads and platter surface and dust here can cause damage internally.

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8) Do you have a Class 100 Clean Room on site ?

Cromac data recovery has a viewable Class 100 Clean Room at our premises and is available

9) How Do I submit my job for evaluation or recovery ?

Simply complete the SUBMIT DRIVE form found here. This will enable us to track the job and book it in upon arrival. This will also provide us with your contact information to call you back and discuss the recovery process once the drive has arrived. You can also call us to discuss the issues with your drive and we can book in the job online and organize the collection for you.


While Cromac Data Recovery takes all necessary steps to look after your data while in our possession, We will not be held liable for any data loss that may result while work is being carried out on items in our possession. We take all care to protect your data.  If a job is unrecoverable or you decide not to proceed with the recovery you need to inform us immediately if you wish to collect the job or have it returned. Failure to do so may result us in disposing off the job.

10) Do you guarantee a 100% recovery of all my files ?

Unfortunately no one can guarantee 100% recovery success rate of all the files. Depending on the initial reason for the data loss, the outcome will be affected. However we have proven and tried methods to ensure a very high success rate for obtaining all your files back. In the majority of cases we have achieved a perfect recovery rate. We will work with you to ensure that the files are recovered to your acceptance.

11) What is your privacy policy ?

At Cromac Data Recovery we respect your privacy, all data is kept 100% confidential and as such we never discuss what is found on your completed job with anyone. A file verification process is carried out whereby random files are checked to ensure the recovery is successful. We maintain a backup of your files on a secure server, this is maintained for 2 weeks in case you need to ask us any questions about the completed job. This can be deleted at time of completion if you choose to do so. Please note any child pornography will be reported to the relevant authorities. If you have a Non Disclosure Agreement that you would like us to sign, we are happy to do so

12 )Do you have offices in other states or operate in other states ?

In order to provide top class Data Recovery services a data recovery lab needs to have a Class 100 Clean Room at the minimum, along with an extensive amount of tools and spare parts to name just a few, Not to mention the expertise to work on the hard drive.


We always honor our ongoing commitment to quality products and services and our goal is your total satisfaction. Our services, resources, solutions and options we offer are all supported with 24 hour support and troubleshooting.

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