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Common types of hard drive encryption we can help recover data from:










Hardware Encryption on Seagate Hard Disks & SSD.

When an encrypted hard drive has any type of problem such as a bad sectors/read errors, firmware corruption, PCB Damage, Damaged heads or damaged motor our goal will be to temporarily repair the faulty disk then provide a sector-to-sector clone copy of the raw data to another hard drive. You can then put that clone copy disk back in to your computer and in most cases, the disk will work as it did before the problem occurred.


If this does not work, you will need to try to decrypt the entire hard drive using the utilities and key/password required by your encryption software. If you are unable to do this yourself you will need to contact the manufacturer of the encryption software being used for their professional assistance.


Cromac Data Recovery recovers data from Encrypted hard drives over many encrypted hard drives each year, normally for large companies with laptops. Data Encryption is commonly used by Audit/Finance Companies, Banks, Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies & Military. We have experience in helping to recover data from Encrypted hard drivers when other data recovery experts have been unable to help.


All work we do for you will be conducted in a strictly confidential and secure way.


Important Note: We do NOT provide any decryption, hacking, unlocking or encryption removal services. Our goal is to try to resolve any hardware fault to allow the data to be copied to a working disk for data access as per normal or to be decrypted by you or your


It's important to stop using a faulty or damaged hard disk immediately to prevent further damage. Too many IT experts, computer shops & inexperienced data recovery companies attempt to recover data from damaged hard disks using dangerous & risky methods without understanding how hard drives work and why they fail, making the problem worse, as a result more expensive to recover the data. Be smart & don't risk it! Turn your hard drive off and let us help you ASAP. We offer an obligation free, honest quote within 24 hours, free of charge!


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