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About Cromac Data Recovery :

CROMAC is one of the leading, excellent and trusted leaders in data recovery services in Bangalore. We do provide affordable and efficient data recovery services to individuals and businesses with experience working with all types of hard drives.

Whether you are having trouble accessing your data on your PC, laptop, external hard drive, RAID or other electronic storage media, our expert data recovery professionals have the resources to help rescue your data. With an over 100% success rate with recovering data from damaged or unresponsive drives, we have what it takes to get your data returned to you securely.




We believe in doing business in an honest, friendly and professional way. We are always up front, honest and provide realistic time estimates, quotes and believe in providing the best service possible. No data recovery company can guarantee that they can recover your data (e.g if your disk platter is scratched or data is overwritten) but we promise not to give up until we recover your data or completely exhaust all possible options to help you! If your data cannot be recovered for any reason, we'll give you an honest explanation of the reason and assure you that we have done everything in our power to try to help you. In over 90 % of cases, we can recover data from hard disks and other data storage devices. We look forward to helping you!

We value your custom and always recognise that you have a choice.


All work performed in-house at our laboratory in Bangalore. Not outsourced, not sent overseas.

High-calibre, qualified data recovery professionals.

Free return delivery India wide.

Class 100 clean room at our premises.

We perform mechanical, electrical, firmware and logical recoveries.

Free evaluation. You are not pressured into proceeding.

Unambiguous, fair pricing. No other costs. No trade-ups.

No premiums for emergency, urgent or out of hours work.

Data confidentiality guarantee.

Warranty safe.

No ridiculous/unsubstantiated claims. E.g. “cheapest”, “fastest”, “best”, “most recoveries”, “most successful”, “only company who can..”, etc.

No scare tactics, hype, smoke & mirrors or rubbishing competitors.

Continual investment in latest recovery hardware and software.

No data limits.


We have made helping people our business. We only do data recovery, we do it all day, every day - we have become the very best in this field. We have seen all types of problems and solved nearly all of them!


All hard drives are opened in a safe and contaminant free environment and worked on by professional data recovery experts.  When a hard disk drive is opened up for internal repair, it's very important that this is done in an anti-static, dust free and sterile environment so that contaminants in the air (e.d dust, pollution or other particles) do not damage the hard disk. Some data recovery companies claim that have 'clean room facilities' only to have the work outsourced to a company like ours with our very own clean room. Competing with the world’s largest data recovery firms daily, our level of technical expertise and experience is unmatched in the business.


Many computer manufacturers, IT support staff, hard disks manufactures, IT service centres, computer shops and IT experts recommend us each day due to our free quotes, honest evaluations, affordable prices & high success rates!  We understand how important your information is to you and we are committed to guiding you through the data recovery process. Contact us to speak with of our data recovery experts about our specialized services and how we can help you.


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We always honor our ongoing commitment to quality products and services and our goal is your total satisfaction. Our services, resources, solutions and options we offer are all supported with 24 hour support and troubleshooting.

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